Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stylish frames this holiday season!

Have you heard?
Holiday glass frames from Zenni Optical are selling like pancakes this season! Yeah, the popular online eyeglasses shop offers stylish frames and lenses at an affordable price! Their $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zenni Optical Stylish glasses

Have you heard? Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Cool huh?

Not only that Zenni Optical has the best stylish prescription glasses online, they have also the cheapest ones. Sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8. You will find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The variable dimension frames from Zenni has been renowned as the top seller on Zenni. I saw Zenni on Fox the other day and I it was so cool.

Now, anyone can have great eyeglasses for less! So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

♥ Kadamo ♥

Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”
Maraming salamat… :)

Mga Kadamo;

1.)Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey
2.) My Precious Niche
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13.) My Beautiful Life


Now, I’m passing this to these fabulous bloggers:)

Kathy, Berry, Arlene, Jean and BB_Anne

Monday, July 14, 2008

♥ My Mini Lin ♥

After almost more than a month that I’ve been gone, I was able to fulfill some of my dreams.. hihi

I was able to have this {*wink*}

~ My Louis Vuitton Speedy Mini Lin ~

Well, I didn’t bought this one, my hubby bought it for me hiihihi as an anniversary gift {napilit ku rin cya hehe} I’m so happy!

Love you baby!

♥ July - me starting again ♥

Oh my! It’s been 1 month and a half since I had my last post! Hay Grabe ang tagal ko palang nawala… sorry for that guys!

I was actually very busy being the perfect housewife and mother… tehee!

So, just to update you about what had happened in my life.

Here’s my cutie pic of my Lyka as a starter. Hehehe

She just turned 9 months here.

♥ All about Me ♥

A long overdue tag from Vannie.

1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to ME{refers to YEN} and I’ll add your blogs to the master’s list here! Yup, another linking thingy but this one has 15 questions and you get to enjoy answering them too!
3. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.


1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?
~ Both

2. What’s your favorite kind of cake?
~ I only love chocolate cake

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?
~ I usually give them some figurines of stuff toys

4. What’s your favorite holiday?
~ Christmas

5. Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where?
~ Hope so..

6. What was the best party you’ve ever been to?
~ Hmm, my bridal shower teheee!

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?
~ It was simple but elegant

8. What’s the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to you?
~ When my hubby proposed to me

9. What’s your favorite girl’s name?
~ Alyssa

10. What’s your favorite boy’s name?
~ Joaquin

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
~ Brad Pitt forever! hahah

12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful?
~ Angelina Jolie

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
~ Brad Pitt again

14. What is your best character trait?
~ Doer

15. What is your worst habit?
~ Sleeper hahaha

Tagging: Tet, Sheng, Gel and Juliana

The List:

1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6.Me,Myself+2 7.Fun|Fierce|Fabulous 8. Supermodel Wannabe 9. My Beautiful Life 10. YOUR BLOG HERE

Stylish glasses for only $8!

Hey guys! How are you???
I just came in {it’s been a long time ha} and while browsing the net I found some Incredible Stylish New Frames from Zenni. Yeah, Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses are now available at their online store and I’m just so happy to discover it.

Why? Well, my SIL’s birthday is just a few days away and I thought of giving her some reading glasses. Well, is known for its stylish and comfy shades. And because their products are really awesome- Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Cool huh?

Now, I jut have to order the glasses so that they will be shipped soon enough for my SIL’s birthday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

My TO-DO's

Thanks for this tag sis Lira & Cel.

Here Are My Top 5 Things To Do:

1. Blog as much as I can today

2. Put Lyka to sleep

3. Had my sleep as well

4. Cook for hubby

5. Have a chat with my business partner this evening.

BUSY PEOPLE: 1.) my chopsuey 2.) mind bubbles 3.) vanity kit 4.) somethingpurple 5.) a detour 6.) Confessions of a Supermodel Wannabe 7.) Mitch of When Silence Speaks 8.) Hailey's Domain9. Hailey's Beats and Bits 10. Air Sick 11. Avee's Adventures 12. Never Ending Stories 13. Essay of Life 14. Tasteful Voyage 15. A mom's note 16. My Beautiful Life 17. YOUR BLOG

I'm passing this to Nova and Juliana :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

hi guys!

Oh my! After a long time, I’m here again.

Really want to apologize and to thank all my buddies who have been tagging and have been constantly visiting my page. I been very busy this past few months because of some personal business matters, lol! (napapayaman ba? Lol!)

Anyways, I just hope I’ll have more time blogging because I feel so refreshed and happy everytime I blog.

I think many of you guys would agree with me right?

Friendship around the World


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2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.
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4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!
5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up! :D
6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6.Because Life Is Fun 7. Piece o’Kaje 8. Mon a Bric 9. Celebrate LifeMy Journey11. Deeply In Love 12. Pink and Brown Diaries 13. Happyheart 14. Wilstop 15. Fun|Fierce|Fab 16. Nita’s Random Thoughts 17. Nita’s Corner 18. Thomas Web Links 19. Thomas Travel Tales 20. Make Money Online 21. Great Finds and Deals 22. PRC Board Exam Results 24. My Wandering Thoughts 25. Nita’s Ramblings 26. Just Me.. Eds 27. Etc Atbp 28. When Silence Speaks 29. Juliana’s Lair 30. Juliana’s World 31. Juliana’s Library 32. Blessed Chic 33. Can of Thoughts 34. Hailey’s Domain 35. Hailey’s Beats and Bits 36. ISL family 37. Arbitrary Thoughts 38. D’ Cooking Mudra 39. My Big Picture 40. Dancing in Midlife Tune 41. Blessings In Life 42. My Colorful World 43. Dare to Blog 44. Life Realities 45. WebGeek Journal DotNet 46. WebGeek Journal 47. Let’s Travel Philippines 49. MY DAILY THOUGHTS AND MOODS 50. A Sweet Taste Of Life 51. My Life in this Wonderful World! 52. Denz Techtronics 53. Denz Recreational 54. Surviving Deplyoment 55. Ester’s Raptured Dreams 56. Nipa Hut 57.Picture Clusters 58. My Wanderings 59.Maiylah’s Snippets 60. EuLehKulit 61. Life QuestBeing a wife. Being a Mom. 62. MoMie SPace 63.Woman Xplore 64. PinayWAHMAgring’s Simply Digital 66. Agring’s Home & Garden 67. Agring’s Homecooking & Baking 68. Agring’s Electronics & Entertainments 69. Scrap Addict Sundays 70. Mommy Talks 71. Aggie Scraps 72.Teacher’s Corner 73. My Drift 74. lancernewsMy so called Life 76. See Me for what You Will… 77. 78. 79. All about Mye life 80. Everything has a Reason 81. My Beautiful Life 82. YOUR BLOG

::End Copy Here::

Now I'm passing this to Sheng, Berry, Shiera, Shabem and Sweetpea

Best Mom Award

This is a long overdue award from Eds.

Thank you so much sis! I really appreciate it. :)

Now any mom can snag this from me. lol! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

wordless wednesday #11

winning lottery number

Did you ever join a lottery or at most had the winning lottery number on hand even once in your life? If yes, you’re one of the few luckiest people on earth!
Awesome huh? So I think it’s not really rare for you to join lots of lottery and always have the winning lottery numbers.

But you know something more awesome than your lottery number? Check out this site and see what I’m talking about -

Here you can join and see the biggest online draws in the world. You can also join their amazing draw where you can choose the price you want to win. True good to be true? So if you want to fulfill your dream, join them now!

Friday, April 18, 2008

feast # 187

Name a color you find soothing.

The color of the sky.. light blue, very relaxing for me

Using 20 or less words, describe your first driving experience.

It was awful!!! To the point that I broke my neighbors' gate

What material is your favorite item of clothing made out of?
Maybe velvet.. very classy

Main Course
Who is a great singer or musician who, if they were to come to your town for a concert, you would spend the night outside waiting for tickets to see?
Does the american idol finalist count?

What is the most frequent letter of the alphabet in your whole name (first, middle, maiden, last, etc.)?
Letter E & L - Aileen Alviz Flores

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wordless wednesday# 7

need help?

My friend Jenny who’s currently in CA with her family is having a major problem. His brother Marc has been caught by her father using marijuana. Her family was devastated about what happen. They never thought that their only boy has been addicted to such dangerous drugs and they don’t really know how long he’s been like that.

So, to set things straight, we decided to put him in drug rehabilitation. I also feel so sad when I heard the news, that’s why I’m currently online to help Jenny find a good drug rehab for her brother drug treatment.

Luckily, I came across Chapman House Inc. This website you can see the details the addiction treatment services they offer and provides information on their adult addiction treatment center, drug rehab facility and their exclusive adolescent program located in Orange County, California. Their wide range of options includes treatment for co-existing disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, food addiction and eating disorders and more. They also offer family intervention, psychological testing, drug testing and other services to help end addiction. They also offer 12-step drug rehabilitation and drug detox facility that focuses in helping people in their addiction.
When I saw this site, I immediately told Jenny about this site and relayed some information that might help her and her family. I also told her that she can contact the site 24/7 because they offer 24 hours customer support and guidance, where she can ask questions that concerns about her brother’s condition. Their 24 hours customer services entertains questions that is related to detoxification, drug intervention, addiction and inpatient drug treatment for adults, co-existing disorders and our exclusive inpatient program for adolescents. Jenny couldn’t thank me enough for what I did. By next week, they will be a schedule appointment with the institution.
If you know someone that needs help and need rehabilitation, tell them that Chapman House Inc. is here to help.

life lock just for you

Have you ever heard of Life Lock? If not then you better read this post a little further. In our online world here in the net identity theft has been rampant, especially in US countries where almost most of the people who use the net has been a victim or exposed to identity theft. A major problem nowadays that can put your account or even your life in major jeopardy.

How to solve this major issue? With the help of great institutions today that wants to erase identity theft in the web. That’s why LifeLock is here to help. With Life Lock, you will save time and protect your privacy by stopping Junk Mail, protected from unsolicited credit card offers, gives you report on your credit standing and will give you notice if anyone tries to use your credit before damage has been done.

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how to earn money

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

you're on live tv!

Want to be famous in just no time? If yes, I have a site for you, where you don’t need to undergo any auditions or whatsoever to be a star. is the place where you can show off your talent, build a fan base and share your opinions. Yes, it’s a live tv where you can show off your talents and have a live show. All you need to do is have a video camera and internet connection and you’re on your way to a live broadcast.

You may never now that 15 minutes of fame can bring you total stardom!

medical career

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A Pharmacy Tech is one great medical job that you can hold on for your future stability. Especially now that a Pharmacy technician salary’s is really competitive, you have a lot of reasons to have this career.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Feed Me Up Tag

Got this from Rojoy.

You get these benefits in joining this linker chain:

You can get more web traffic.
You can increase your blogs' Technorati authority.
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You can get more back links.
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After placing your blog’s feed address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.

Also, you must subscribe to the feed of the blog who tagged you. You may include subscribing to another blog of your choice from the list.

Kenneth - A Stellar Life

Dabawenyang Iska
Bestfriend's blog
Allen's wifey
allen's darling
allen's sweetheart

Sweet temptation
Rojoy's Daily Update
Roger Married With Children
Roger Just My Opinion
Buzzybee Mom
Mommyjoy Of Two
Rojoy's Kitchen

My Beautiful Life - ( not included- *** If you can't subscribe on my feed, pls enter your email on subscription menu located at the top-side bar! Thanks! : )

/* Your Feed link Here! */

Now I'm tagging Nova, Eds, Sheng, Juliana and Nora

feast # 186

Invent a new flower; give it a name and describe it.
Can't think of something right now! :(

Name someone whom you think has a wonderful voice.

Celine Dion, definitely one of the best!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how clean do you keep your car?
Unfortunately, we don't have a car! :(

Main Course
How do you feel about poetry?
Poetry is a great outlet for one's artistic expression

What was the last person/place/thing you took a picture of?
Hmmm, a picture of a log, which I posted for my Wordless Wednesday here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

need to hop hop :)

Ha! It’s been a while since I really blog!

I have so many mommy duties to attend to and some chores as well. Sorry for not visiting your site buddies, I promise to make it up to all of you!

Hay, hopefully I could find a nanny for Lyka so that I could really concentrate on my blogging lol! And finally replenish my lost PR, sayang ang mga opps noh! I have no opps now since the last 4 days because I haven’t hop and update my blog for days!

Whew! Gotta to do something about this pronto!

April Fools Day!

Its April 1, 2008!
Happy April Fools Day!

Friday, March 28, 2008

feast # 185

What does the color dark green make you think of?

My moss green mini skirts that I got as a gift from my ex bf! He has no taste at all! Especially that I really don't wear mini skirts

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?
I think I'm pretty honest - 7

How many cousins do you have?
We are about 30, not a large family :)

Main Course
Name something that is truly free.

Hmm, Air! Though if global warming keep on destroying our earth it will soon be the most expensive thing on earth. :(

Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.
Some People love to Rest here in our Island because of Its Natural resources and Great climate!

Monday, March 24, 2008

fashion schools

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online slot review

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

one chef on the go

My SIL plans to take up a culinary course this year. Well, as she said, she was actually persuaded by some culinary program that is aired every week in the TV. I think she was pertaining to Chef on The Go or that of Heny Sison’s.

Well, I myself really watch those programs, because of their enticing menus and yummy recipes. Anyways, I’m currently helping her search for a culinary school that can fulfill her culinary dream! Lol! I’ve known some chef school in our place, but would love to search for more culinary schools in the net where they offer the best education in culinary arts, pastry and baking and other areas needed.

How about you guys? Any suggestions?

Monday, March 17, 2008

online casino slots

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

the answer for your bad credits

Are you in need of cash but couldn’t apply for a loan or for a credit card due to bad credit? Well, here’s the answer for your needs- This site is a leading website that focuses on helping those less-fortunate to apply for a loan or credit card. Well, they are the only one that can help you have your own credit cards for bad credit.

Yes, this site has a bad credit credit card section that can compare the top credit cards on the market for bad credit and provides link to their online applications. Yes, their consumers can apply for the offer of bad credit credit cards that can really help its consumers finances.

Friday, March 14, 2008

feast # 183

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?

10! I love my handwriting, even though it’s not that good to look at! Lol!

Do you prefer baths or showers?
I love warm showers after a tiring day from work

What was the last bad movie you watched?
Ah hmm, what movie? I think none, because before I watch a movie, I try to ask the people who have seen it how it is. So far most of them fits my taste!

Main Course
Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.
Blogging! So much affected my life! Especially on my finances! lol!

Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?
I really love listening to the piano. It gives me the goose bumps at times!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

shopping cart software

Yes, remember my previous about my online boutique? Well, as I said before, I was planning to get some shopping cart software for my online business and that’s what I actually did!

I now have a shopping cart software from Ashop Commerce, yes believe it or not, I just recently sign-up with them. I’m really serious about this business so I really have to find ways to achieve my goals. Now, that I’ve started, I love the way this ecommerce software works. With its various outstanding features and easy to use gadgets, you can definitely enjoy selling your items online. Oh my! Why didn’t I think of this earlier, but at least I already grab this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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keep chill!

You Keep Things Chill

For you, the whole adrenaline thing is totally over rated. You'll take safety over an emergency room trip.

This doesn't mean you don't break out of your comfort zone. You just don't stray too far from it.

wordless wednesday # 4

boost your sales with Ashop Commerce

Are you planning to set up your own business in the web? If yes, then you gotta get one of these – shopping cart software.

I recently discovered this ecommerce software upon browsing the net. Well, I was actually planning to set up my own online boutique and thought of finding ways to improve my sales and my site. the ecommercer software and has been making waves ever since!Luckily, I found Ashop Commerce.

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little angel

I would like to thank MM for giving me this cutie angel.

Thank you so much sis!

And I'm sharing this to Kathy, Eds, HappyMum, Sheng and Lira

i've been approved by smorty!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

performance to the maximum level

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i need some blue

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one step closer to our dream car!

Me and my hubby dreams of buying our dream car within the year. But unfortunately, our savings is not enough to buy a new SUV that he craves for a year now. So, we thought of applying for a car loans. But we’re having second thoughts about it because we haven’t tried any loans, especially with regards to cars in that matter. So, we’re quite afraid to indulge on it, especially I know someone who had her loans but had a hard time paying now because of some undeclared additional charges that her financing agent ask her to pay.

Fortunately, her SIL told her about this great auto loan site. This site is the internet’s preferred source for auto loans and auto financing. They are dedicated on giving its consumers the best rates no matter what auto loan they wish to apply. They also have 3 different auto loan type- loan for new cars, loan for used cars and refinancing of old auto loan. Well, as for us we’re looking for the possibility of joining her apply in this auto loan site, and might try applying for a loan for new cars. As with my friend, she just applied a while ago on refinancing his old auto loan.

Best of all, they work with the nation’s top lenders to offer its consumers the lowest interest rates available with affordable monthly payments to match.

Oh, I just can’t wait to tell Mike about this one, hopefully he approves it and will be on our way of owing our dream car! I’m so excited!

Monday, March 10, 2008

olympics 2008 :)

This year, Beijing China will host the much awaited Olympics 2008.

As we all know, this event happens only after 4 years.
So, wouldn't be nice if the games or sports within this event be innovated into a more exciting adventure.

What do you think about this pictures:

I think anyone with heart problems shouldn't watch these games! lol!

Just kidding folks! My friend emailed me this pixs so I thought of sharing them with you.

Have a great week ahead! :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

feast one hundred and eighty two

If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?
I wanted to be Paris Hilton in a way, the fame and fortune plus the controversies. At least I'm not that wild and crazy like Britney. lol! ( strictly- just for one week)

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?

I'm such a phone addict! Can it be 11!

Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).
To an institution that no one really helps. That place really needs someone like us.

Main Course
What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month
Potato! Forever!

Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?
Yes, my MIL, but she's better now.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

it's a womans' world!

Grab this from Farah.

She's giving this to all his lady visitors!

So, I'm doing the same thing, ladies grab this precious!~:)

what you see is what you get!

You Are 88% Real

There's hardly a person on this earth more real than you are.

You have no problem showing people who you are, flaws and all.

For you, there couldn't be any other way. Because it's way too stressful to live an inauthentic life.

You're very comfortable with yourself. And because of this, you're able to live an exciting, interesting, and challenging life.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

payday loan in a zippy!

Are you still hunting for the quickest and easiest way to acquire a payday loan? Not yet satisfied with your previous loan site? Then search no more for Easy Online Payday is here to help your money troubles in the quickest and easiest way!

Easy Online Payday Loan is the #1 site you can count on for all your fax less payday loan needs. Their remarkably fast and simple form is what sets them apart from the rest. Their lending partners require that you are at least 18 years of age, maintain a regular source of income, and have a direct deposit system set up with your local bank. If you meet the qualifications listed above then you may be on your way to getting the cash you need!

With Easy Online Payday Loan, applicants should receive approval shortly after they complete the online form. Following this, funds will be electronically transferred into your back account on the next business day if approved. Oh my God, isn’t that the easiest application ever! I just can’t wait to tell my friend Fred on this site! He just called me a while ago about his money shortages, lol! Well, he recently spends his money to some unexpected out cash. And now he just doesn’t know where to search for more funds. Oh well, I really have to help my friend and I think this is his luckiest day!

When you need a payday loan, think of Easy Online Payday Loan!

you are my friend

Thanks Jean for this cutie award! :)

Now, I would like to pass this to Eds of My Precious :)

short of cash?

Have it ever occurred even once in your life when you suddenly run out of cash! This commonly occurs in between paydays, isn’t it? Well, you’re not alone, I myself experienced that more than once in my lifetime, lol! Those were the days where you wish you can turn back time, and wouldn’t spend too much of what you need or at least saved a little for cases of shortages or emergencies. Oh, I just hate does days.

Those days where I almost have nothing, Luckily, I stumbled upon this

Personal Cash Advance is the fastest way to obtain secure, online cash advance and payday loans. It’s very easy to apply! You just have to signup and are qualified for a payday loan application. That’s it! Depending on the lender, you don’t need to fax any document for attachments, in short, it’s a faxless payday loans. After that, they'll electronically deposit the payday loan amount directly into your checking or savings account. They also offer flexible payment options and a discrete service that gets you the cash you need right now! Wow! Isn’t that the best ever!

So, if you’re currently in need right now, signup now and have your payday loan up to $1500! Whew! Imagine that, you wrap your cash problem in a zippy!


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